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Soil and Rock Mechanics Laboratory and Field Tests

  • Designation of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples
  • Determination of water content (DIN 18121)
  • Determination of density (DIN 18125)
  • Determination of grain size distribution using sieve and sedimentation analyses (DIN 18123)
  • Atterberg limit testing (DIN 18122)
  • Ensling testing (DIN 18132)
  • Proctor test, D = 10 and 15 cm (DIN 18127)
  • Ignition loss (DIN 18128)
  • Determination of lime content (DIN 18129), per-meability (18130), and swelling pressure as well as swelling-induced heave
  • Compression testing (oedometer test)
  • Vane shear strength (laboratory testing)
  • Frame shear testing (DIN 18137)
  • Point load test apparatus; Determination of dia-metric, axial and uniaxial compressive strength of consolidated rock

Our Core Areas of Expertise

Geological engineering, geotechnics, exploration, monitoring, analysis