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Parkstadt Süd, Cologne: Integrated Stormwater Management

Parkstadt Süd will be Cologne’s largest urban development project in the coming years. Between Luxemburger Straße and the left bank of the Rhine, new areas for living and working are being created, and the inner green belt is being extended from the Volksgarten to the Rhine. As a result, Cologne is gaining a new urban district with large areas of greenery and water, which is being designed according to ecological, climatic and urban open space planning criteria. In so doing, the city is combining the aspects of urban design, open space, environment, and transportation through integrated planning, thereby coordinating them.

Our experts for water management initially supported the design process during the yearlong public workshop procedure with respect to the topics of flood protection, watercourse development, and stormwater management. In that connection, the safe diversion of precipitation in the event of heavy rainfall played a significant role. Subsequently, we developed an integrated stormwater management concept at the urban land use planning level, working in close cooperation with urban designers, traffic facility planners, and climate experts. Additionally, the proposed park lake was subjected to a special feasibility analysis to determine the efficacy of its function as a temporary storage facility for stormwater during heavy rainfall events.

Parkstadt Süd will be a sustainable and future-oriented urban district with resilience to the impacts of heavy rainfall. The risk of heavy rainfall is specifically countered by taking slopes, street axes, green spaces, and urban bodies of water into account in the planning process.


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