New Opportunities from Eastward Expansion of the European Union
Country: Poland

For some years we have been operating in Poland and also have local presence through a subsidiary. Our subsidiary in Krakow (Poland) was founded in 2008. Since 2012 the company operates under the name BCE Kraków Sp. z o.o.

Involved from the very beginning is Mr. Slizewski, who guides local operations as the managing director.

The services provided by BCE Kraków Sp. z o.o. initially concentrated on the field of informatics, especially in relation to the hydraulics of surface waters and to geographic information systems. All the projects have employed the hydraulic software MIKE 11/21, which has established itself as the standard in Poland. Meanwhile, the range of services of provided by BCE Kraków Sp. z o.o. also includes the hydrodynamic modeling of sewer systems and the planning of wastewater and stormwater sewer systems as well as sewage treatment plants.

The work in Krakow is currently focused on the project "Analysis of the Investment Program on Flooding in the Catchment Area of the Wisłoka" - a feasibility study on flood protection. The client is RZGW Kraków (Regional Administration for Water Management in Krakow).

Dams and Hydropower
Country: Turkey

The Arkun dam on the Çoruh River in northeastern Turkey is primarily used for energy generation. A large main hydroelectric power plant and a smaller, residual-flow power plant are connected with the reservoir. The main hydroelectric power plant is linked to the reservoir via a 14 km long pressure tunnel. The spillway is designed for a probable maximum flood (PMF). A bottom outlet is available for fine control of the reservoir. The residual-flow hydroelectric power plant is connected to the bottom outlet. The dam rests upon a 70 m thick layer of alluvion. The bottom seal consists of a trench-cut diaphragm wall.

To design the dam retaining structure, BCE created a 2D stress deformation model using the finite element method (FEM) and calibrated the model based on measurement data collected during the embankment construction. A prediction of dam deformations during the (initial) impounding and an analysis and assessment of the measurement results were made with the aid of computer modeling. Building site visit and assessment of the construction works before and after the (initial) impounding.

Flood Protection and Groundwater Management
Country: Luxembourg

The German state of Rhineland-Palatinate maintains close neighborly relationships with Luxembourg, also in the field of water management, where European projects are jointly coordinated.

Together with the engineering firm Schroeder & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils, we have worked on a number of projects in Luxembourg with an emphasis on flood protection. In this context we have, for example, conducted a flood protection study for the Clerve River in the north of Luxembourg and subsequently carried out the planning of a flood control retention basin.

And in Luxembourg we are also active in the field of groundwater management. On behalf of the Administration de la gestion de l'eau, Luxembourg (Upper Water Authority) we developed a groundwater management plan for the whole of Luxembourg. For this purpose, a hydrogeological model was used to construct a numerical groundwater flow model, which was then adjusted and used for addressing issues of groundwater management.

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia
Country: Singapore

For a Southeast Asian–based international conglomerate and market leader in waste collection and treatment, BCE established the preliminary and design planning for a mechanical-biological waste treatment facility. In a first step, the facility dries residual and commercial waste to a residual water content of approx. 20% and then mechanically processes the result into substitute fuel, which is utilized in a downstream incineration plant.

Planned plant capacity of 300,000 Mg/a residual and commercial waste
Waste delivery: 365 days per year.

Mechanical Processing of Commercial and Packaging Waste
Country: Greece

In the Athens metropolitan area, BCE has planned a facility for the mechanical processing of commercial and packaging waste.

Pre-design evaluation, preliminary planning of exhaust air capture, preliminary planning of exhaust air purification systems, design engineering, all contractual and tender documents for machine technology and exhaust air systems, functional specifications (call for tender), division into 4 tender packages.

Planned plant capacity: 23 Mg/h commercial waste and 11 Mg/h packaging waste