Since the 1970s we have been operating a company-owned soil laboratory and an exploratory unit. We analyze and assess the distribution of grain sizes and the physical and chemical properties of the soil, such as grain shape, amount of lime, water content, water binding capacity, and soil consistency. We determine the soil density and carry out compression and shear tests.

In preparation for and accompanying the project, on-site we offer not only core sampling along with cohesive strength and vane shear testing, but we also offer plate load and permeability tests and determine soil density with the balloon method.

We use the latest equipment and provide you with expert and practical advice on all issues pertaining to soil mechanics and geotechnics.

Geomechanical Laboratory and Field Tests

  • Designation of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples
  • Determination of the water content (DIN 18121)
  • Determination of the density (DIN 18125)
  • Determination of the grain distribution using sieve and sedimentation analysis  (DIN 18123)
  • Atterberg limit testing (DIN 18122)
  • Ensling testing (DIN 18132)
  • Proctor testing, D = 10 and 15 cm (DIN 18127)
  • Ignition loss (DIN 18128)
  • Grain distribution using sieve and sedimentation analysis (DIN 18123)
  • Determination of the lime content (DIN 18129), the permeability (18130), and the swelling pressure and swell heave
  • Compression testing (oedometer test)
  • Vane shear strength in the lab
  • Frame shear testing (DIN 18137)
  • Point load test apparatus; Determination of diametric, axial and uniaxial compressive strength of consolidated rock

Supervision of Road Construction, Landfill, and Earthworks, Field Testing

  • Dynamic plate load bearing tests (TP-BF StB, part B)
  • Static plate load bearing tests (DIN 19134)
  • Density determination using densitometer test with the balloon method (DIN 18125)
  • Density determination using cylinder extraction (DIN 18125)
  • Documentation of exploratory excavation trenches
  • Gas measurements and individual substance detection
  • Recharge and pumping tests
  • Contamination and sediment surveys

Field Equipment, Lab Equipment, Exploration

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