The EWAWI+2SHAPE software converts EWAWI+ files into ESRI shapefiles, in compliance with the specifications of the Bavarian flood hazard mapping project.

In its catalog of services for the project to compile flood hazard and flood risk maps and determine areas prone to flooding, the Free State of Bavaria specifies that all documentation of this measurement data shall be in EWAWI+ format and the resulting shapefiles.


  • Tool for conversion of EWAWI+ files into shapefile output format
  • Console program 
  • Simple parametrization
  • Suitable for batch operation
  • Shapefile output: fulfills all quality criteria for Bavarian flood hazard and risk maps (HWGK und HWRK in Bayern)
  • Stipulated directory structure is followed

Input parameters

  • the data directory, structured in accordance with the catalog of services
  • the shapefile of the river
  • and the shapefile of the river widths.

More Information

Output (shapefile)

  • Survey of photo locations, sorted by river (ID 32)
  • Individual points, newly surveyed, per river (ID 38)
  • Profile lines of all horizons, newly surveyed (ID 244)
  • Profile points, newly surveyed, per river (ID 347)
  • Longitudinal structures, newly surveyed (ID 348)
  • In addition, EWAWI+2SHAPE outputs an audit file which contains the warning messages as localized point positions in .tab format (viewable with ArcGIS) for each converted file.


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