The Kalypso HYDRO_AS-2D Add-On expands Kalypso1D2D to support control of the hydrodynamic flow model HYDRO_AS-2D.

Seamless integration into the existing Kalypso1D2D user interface makes it possible to use all the existing functions in Kalypso when working with HYDRO_AS-2D. This applies in particular to functions like creating networks using the river channel generator, convenient organizing load cases by using calculation units, and evaluating results.


  • Complete preprocessing of HYDRO_AS-2D projects, including network creation, assignment of material classes, definition of boundary conditions and built structures
  • Control of the simulation from Kalypso, with live view of the resulting hydrographs during the calculation procedure
  • Export of computational SMS data sets for running simulations in routine batch mode
  • Adoption of simulation results in Kalypso’s results management system
  • Unified management of a model and its events (e.g. HQ5, HQ100, MQ)
  • Simple scenario management (e.g. study various hydraulic impacts of a construction project)
  • Management of very large models (up to 5,000,000 elements)
  • Direct further processing of model results in KalypsoFLOOD and KalypsoRISK
  • Immediate quality assessment of the model

Data Exchange

  • Full adoption of existing SMS data sets, including boundary conditions and built structures
  • Adoption of existing HYDRO_AS-2D result data (two-dimensional result data and hydrographs) and integration into Kalypso’s results management system
  • Export of computational SMS data sets for controlling HYDRO_AS-2D as accustomed in the command line

Currently, HYDRO_AS-2D version 10 and SMS version 2.3 data formats are supported. Support of HYDRO_AS2D 4.0 and SMS version 11 data formats will be available early in the latter half of 2015. Customers will be provided with a free upgrade.


Two different types of licenses are available for the HYDRO_AS-2D Add-On:

  • Single-user license limited to one workstation
  • Site license for up to 10 workstations at one location

We are pleased to offer special conditions to colleges and universities for the use of Kalypso in teaching environments. Please contact us directly for details.

For prices and licensing terms, please refer to our order form.

Support and Training

Our technical support provides our service contract customers with prompt service and expert help for all technical questions relating to the product. Technical support includes not only questions about the HYDRO_AS-2D Add-On but also the entire Kalypso1D2D module. In addition, service contract customers also receive free upgrades to the latest version of the add-on.

For prices and licensing terms, please refer to our order form.

We are also pleased to offer in-house training as well as individual support for project-related questions. Find out more at contact us directly.

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