The Informatics division is specialized in developing IT-based methods and solutions for water management and the environmental sector.

We advise on the collection and compilation of specialized geodata, and we structure and manage project data to ensure efficient access and yield informative visualizations and plans. With the help of numerical models, we calculate the entire hydrologic cycle – from the formation of runoff to flow processes in surface waters – in closed sewer systems and in groundwater bodies. With the aid of effective models, we optimize the hydraulic performance of built structures. The evaluation of transport processes, such as soil erosion or pollutant dispersal, is also one of our services.

The development and use of geographic information systems and user-specific software solutions round off our profile of specialization.

Cooperation between industry and research

We work closely together with universities and research institutions and implement the latest findings and scientific methods in our engineering practice.

Flood risk management with hazard and risk mapsFlood risk management with hazard and risk mapsRiver basin modeling with depiction of floodplain areasRiver basin modeling with depiction of floodplain areasCalculation of interaction between groundwater and built structuresCalculation of interaction between groundwater and built structuresCalculation of pollutant dispersion in groundwaterCalculation of pollutant dispersion in groundwaterSurveying workSurveying workDetailed hydraulic structure modelingDetailed hydraulic structure modelingHydraulic modeling of flow and runoff processesHydraulic modeling of flow and runoff processes3D visualization of flooding impact on buildings3D visualization of flooding impact on buildingsOptimization of travel times of waste collection operation through service area analysesOptimization of travel times of waste collection operation through service area analysesVisibility analysis for a planned wind farmVisibility analysis for a planned wind farm
  • Consulting on the acquisition and management of specialized geodata
  • Mobile geodata collection and cloud synchronization
  • Compilation of high-resolution digital terrain models from heterogeneous sources (incl. laser scanning, UAV overflights, satellite image evaluation, terrestrial surveying, multi-beam echosounder)
  • Compilation of routing systems for river kilometer marking and networks for urban water management
  • Calculation of floodplain areas and damage potentials
  • Determination of hazard and risk maps for natural disasters
  • Site analysis and calculation of site potentials for, inter alia, wind power
  • Visualization using thematic maps and web applications
  • 3D graphics and computer animation.

    Our surveying team is both an internal partner and an external contractor whose services include:

  • Geodetic spatial relationships 
  • Planning-phase surveys
  • Construction surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Kontrollm Industrial surveys
  • Bestand Water-body surveys
  • Setzung Settlement measurements
  • As-built documentation
  • Digital terrain models and quantity surveys
  • We carry out special tasks such as terrestrial and mobile laser scanning, photogrammetry, satellite image analysis, and multibeam echo sounding surveys of water bodies in cooperation with highly competent, long-standing partners.
Hydrological Models
  • Use of precipitation-runoff models for management of water volumes and floodwaters
  • Analysis of heavy precipitation events
  • Integrated modeling, with consideration of river hydraulics and municipal drainage (sewer network)
  • Verification of water body compatibility for stormwater discharges as per BWK-M3/M7
  • Flood forecasts
  • Water resources management including dam/reservoir control
  • Flood protection concepts with measures for retention, change of use and remote stormwater management in urban areas
Hydraulic Models
  • Use of 1D, coupled 1D/2D, 2D and 3D hydrodynamic models, based on various discretization methods (FEM, FVM, FDM, etc.) for streams, lakes, and estuaries
  • Detailed, model-supported study of flood spillways, fish ladders and other built structures
  • Calculation of material transport and morphological processes

Our GIS-supported and largely automated generation of models makes it possible to quickly process extensive quantities of data and large catchment areas. We graphically visualize the results using thematic 3D views, site plans and computer animation.

Groundwater Models

From data acquisition and interpretation to implementation in planning, we compile and use groundwater models for hydraulic engineering, water resources management and dealing with problems of contaminated sites.

  • Calculation of hydrogeological and numerical models
  • Use of 2D and 3D groundwater models, based on the finite difference or finite element method
  • Calculation of material and heat transport, density flow and the permeability of the unsaturated zone

Our strengths include GIS-supported calculation and interpretation of groundwater models and coupling these with hydrological or hydrodynamic models.

Software and Website Development

Our strength is the development and implementation of customized software solutions for water resources management, the environment, and disaster prevention.

    Most notably, we develop

  • Hydrological and Hydraulic models
  • GIS procedures
  • Desktop and Internet-based information systems
  • Flood forecasting systems and
  • Database applications.
  • For our products, we offer praxis-oriented training and individual support. We increasingly rely on open source software, map server technology, and content management systems.
Building Information Modeling

Our interdisciplinary BIM Professionals coordinate, accompany and consult the BIM basis project management of building construction and infrastructure projects. We develop technical and coordination models for various BIM applications as follows:

  • Inventory collection
  • Variant planning
  • Visualization
  • Assessment and verification management
  • Coordination of the technical trades
  • Progress control of planning and construction
  • Derivations of detailed and permit designs
  • Cost estimation and calculation
  • Specification of services, call for tenders
  • Schedule planning of the execution
  • Delivery of the model for operation and maintenance
We support your public relations

We prepare your project for effective presentation to the media and ensure timely and clear project communication via the Internet.

  • Conception, layout, and print-ready preparation of brochures, flyers, posters, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation folders
  • Conception, layout, implementation, and maintenance of Internet presentations and project portals
  • Visualizations
  • Photomontages