Within our Environment division, we plan and oversee measures and procedures for protecting people and the environment.

The "Landscape Planning and Ecology" team is your partner for engineering and hydraulic engineering projects. In addition to the classic landscape planning services, our portfolio also encompasses specialized ecological, vegetational and faunistic planning and mapping, mapping the structural quality of water bodies, and landscape feature analyses, as well as planning for the development of water bodies in general and especially ecological river development. We assist you with your project, from the initial idea to the implementation of all the measures.

The correlation between soil and groundwater, with all its complex interrelationships, is traditionally one of our areas of expertise. We investigate polluted sites and contaminant loads and develop remediation procedures for the soil and water. We identify and assess interventions in the water balance and support water and urban design measures through environmental planning and monitoring programs.

For the waste management sector, we develop sustainable and economical concepts for waste disposal. As general planners, we provide you with services for all the phases of work related to the construction of waste treatment facilities. In landfill engineering, our qualifications range from site selection for landfills, landfill construction and consulting during operation to closure and aftercare. 

Material flow management is on everyone's lips and is a logical component in many of our projects. It is primarily a matter of using resources efficiently and therefore of achieving the best results with minimum consumption. Burdens on the environment are thereby mitigated, which is more than just a side effect - it is one of our goals! The same holds true for climate protection. Here, too, we advise businesses on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Contamination remediation: bore drilling for soil exchangeContamination remediation: bore drilling for soil exchangeLandscape planning - renaturation of streamsLandscape planning - renaturation of streamsWaste and material flow managementWaste and material flow managementGroundwater remediation: trenchcutting horizontal drainageGroundwater remediation: trenchcutting horizontal drainageWaste management - surface sealing of landfillsWaste management - surface sealing of landfillsGroundwater protection - well sinkingGroundwater protection - well sinkingLandscape planning - ecological restructuring of river mouthsLandscape planning - ecological restructuring of river mouthsClimate protection - consulting and CO2 accountingClimate protection - consulting and CO2 accountingGroundwater protection - well sinkingGroundwater protection - well sinkingMapping the structural quality of water bodiesMapping the structural quality of water bodiesRiver maintenance and water body development planningRiver maintenance and water body development planning
From Experience

Good environmental planning with early involvement of all the stakeholders increases the acceptance of all projects, even difficult ones. Besides, environmental protection is not always solely a cost factor.

The use of renewable energy sources and efficient material flow management can save costs in the mid to long term.

Climate Protection

We stand by your side when your company needs to reduce the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. The basis for this is an accounting of CO2 emissions, which we conduct according to the standard defined by DIN ISO 14040 ff. In the course of calculating the ecological footprint, we identify the significant sources of emissions and then, together with you, develop problem-solving approaches for their reduction and prevention.

Material Flow Management

Our strategies for consulting and concept development follow the philosophy of material flow management.

On issues relating to water, energy and waste, the efficient use of resources is of primary importance, as is the development of new potentials for exploiting mass flows. Our services are supplemented by competent advice on funding consulting.

  • EffCheck consulting
  • Energy concepts
  • Building simulations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development
Landscape Planning and Ecology
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Fauna/flora/habitat (FFH) compatibility studies
  • Species protection reports
  • Landscape conservation support plans and execution planning
  • River maintenance and water body development planning
  • Environmental reports
  • Green space planning
  • Planning and implementation of measures within the framework of the WFD
  • Ecological construction supervision
Waste Management
  • Composting facilities
  • Mechanical sorting facilities
  • Waste treatment facilities for bulky waste, lightweight packaging, paper and cardboard, MBTs
  • Recycling collection yards, depots, logistics centers
  • Feasibility studies for digestion plants, building rubble processing, etc.
  • Landfills: site selection, landfill construction, and consulting during operations, at closure and as aftercare
  • Emission control: permit management for facilities under the 4th BImSchV, applications per §§ 4, 16 of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), expert reports, initial condition reports for IED facilities, FID measurements at landfills
  • Waste management concepts, tendering for disposal services in accordance with VOL, strategic consulting



Groundwater and Soil Conservation


  • Quantitative and qualitative resource management of catchment areas in accord with EU-WFD
  • Determination and assessment of interventions in the water balance
  • Conception of measures for water resources management
  • Planning, optimization, and appraisal of measurement networks and monitoring programs
  • Planning and supervision of new wells and monitoring stations, as well as rehabilitation and dismantling
  • Planning and appraisal of pumping tests
  • Water balance computations
  • Provision of external water protection officer

    Soil Conservation

  • Planning and appraisal of investigation measures
  • Risk assessment
  • Seepage water prognoses as per BBodSchV
  • Hydrochemical modeling
  • Rehabilitation plans in accordance with BBodSchG / BBodSchV
  • Work and safety plans as per TRGS 524 / BGR 128
  • Soil management
  • Pollutant register and disposal concepts
  • Contaminant-selective building demolition
  • Technical planning of rehabilitation measures
  • Conception and development of innovative rehabilitation procedure
  • Operation and monitoring of rehabilitation equipment
Site and Operations Development
  • Industrial, commercial, waste disposal, and logistics operations
  • New construction, expansion, conversion or upgrading of production facilities, buildings and peripheral facilities
  • Studies, development concepts and site assessment, planning services, execution and implementation
  • License approval planning for plants and facilities in accord with the 4th Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (4. BImSchV) and the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)
  • Licensing procedure pursuant to Articles 4 or 16 of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and dealings with the regulatory authorities