Water is a source of subsistence, a transport medium, a traffic route, an energy resource, a habitat and sometimes even a threat to life – and that's not all.

Within our Water division, we provide you with solutions for all technical matters pertaining to hydraulic engineering, hydropower, water resources management, and urban water management, and we do so throughout all phases of a project, from conducting stocktaking and inventory assessment to formulating ideas, developing plans and obtaining approvals, to the final implementation and construction supervision. In so doing, we stand for interdisciplinary solutions from a single source.

We apply technical and economic savvy to develop project-specific solutions that take into account nature conservation, the impact on townscapes and landscapes, and the pertinent constraints affecting legal approval. In so doing, it is increasingly common for us to assume responsibility for management and coordination of the entire project, particularly with regard to interfacing with the pertinent government authorities, representatives of public interest, and citizens at large.

Today, not only complex projects are in need of more than the proverbial broader view. As needed to suit each particular task at hand, we bring our other divisions – EnvironmentEnergyInformatics and Civil Engineering – together with our Water division without any further complication for you. Dies gilt zum Beispiel für das gesamte Feld der naturschutzfachlichen Planungsbeiträge (LBP, UVS etc.), für die Tragwerksplanung, Geotechnik, EMSR-Technik und das wasserwirtschaftliche Modellwesen.

Watercraft is "clean"...

...on the one hand. But is hydropower also ecologically friendly? And also economical?

For many, this is a dilemma. For us it is an exciting and technical and economic challenge. These questions must be answered individually at each and every site and for each separate facility. At our firm, water and landscape ecologists sit together with engineers, mechanical technicians and energy specialists in one boat, enabling us to objectively find the right responses.

TalsperrenbauTalsperrenbauHochwasserschutz KoblenzHochwasserschutz KoblenzHochwasserschutz Koblenz: Bau eines PumpwerksHochwasserschutz Koblenz: Bau eines PumpwerksHochwasserschutz Koblenz: Bau eines PumpwerksHochwasserschutz Koblenz: Bau eines PumpwerksÖkologischer Wasserbau an der Wertach: Raue RampeÖkologischer Wasserbau an der Wertach: Raue RampePhoenix See und Offenlegung der Emscher, Dortmund-HördePhoenix See und Offenlegung der Emscher, Dortmund-HördeDurchgängigkeit durch eine FischaufstiegsanlageDurchgängigkeit durch eine FischaufstiegsanlageIllerentwicklung: Renaturierung durch eine Raue RampeIllerentwicklung: Renaturierung durch eine Raue RampeAnlagenbau für das Wasserwerk GötzenlochAnlagenbau für das Wasserwerk GötzenlochWasserversorgung: Bau eines HochbehältersWasserversorgung: Bau eines HochbehältersRohrvortriebsmaßnahme im Rahmen von KanalbauarbeitenRohrvortriebsmaßnahme im Rahmen von KanalbauarbeitenAspekte am Phoenix See in Dortmund-HördeAspekte am Phoenix See in Dortmund-HördeMobiler HochwasserschutzMobiler HochwasserschutzOffenlegung und Renaturierung der Isenach, Bad DürkheimOffenlegung und Renaturierung der Isenach, Bad DürkheimWasserwerk DreieichWasserwerk DreieichKurpark Bad Dürkheim: Offenlegung und Renaturierung der IsenachKurpark Bad Dürkheim: Offenlegung und Renaturierung der Isenach
Water and Wastewater Management

For many decades, we have been planning facilities for rainwater and wastewater management and supervise their construction. We are your single source for all the means of verification and certificates of compliance needed in the field of water management.

  • Wastewater discharge
  • Pumping stations
  • Wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Stormwater management and treatment
  • Stocktaking and inventory assessment
  • General drainage planning
  • Sewer rehabilitation
  • Sewer network hydraulics and flooding surveys and calculations
  • Emission-based assessments and water quality
  • Pollution load calculations
Water Supply

As a highly experienced partner in water collection, treatment and distribution, we guarantee you will be supplied with clean and hygienic drinking water.

  • Water supply concepts, water demand forecasts and balances
  • Planning, construction, and rehabilitation of wells, spring catchments, monitoring stations, sounding probes, booster stations, access shafts, elevated tanks, underground tanks, water towers, extinguishing water tanks, pumping stations, single and multi-stage water treatment plants, pipe networks
  • Hydrochemical calculations, Process engineering
  • Hydraulic calculations, Network information systems, Loss analyses, Pressure surge calculations, Flushing plans
  • Process monitoring and process control, Energy recovery
  • Assessments of value and efficiency analyse, Operator models
  • Operational management and service contracts, as-built facility documentation
Stormwater Management
Stormwater Management

We develop solutions for the avoidance, discharge, storage, treatment and infiltration of rainwater runoff by modifying the respective goals and by taking into consideration the landscape and the urban planning approaches.

  • Drainage concepts,
  • Stormwater hazard maps,
  • Design and implementation of centralized and decentralized systems
  • Protective measures from heavy rain,
  • Stormwater retention,
  • Stormwater infiltration,
  • State-of-the-art stormwater treatment (acc. to BWK 3 / M7, DWAM153, etc., e.g. with retention soil filters, rain clarifiers),
  • Stormwater utilization, e.g. in connection with local recreation measures.
Water Network Management
  • Network analysis
  • plant optimization
  • strategic network planning
  • rehabilitation planning
Hydraulic Engineering

Our experience and references encompass large-scale hydroelectric power projects and urban flood protection as well as smaller, ecological renaturation and passability measures for streams.

  • Flood protection projects
  • Weirs and barrages
  • Hydroelectric power plants, pumped storage power stations
  • Pumping stations, closed drainage
  • River restructuring and restoration measures
  • Dikes and dams