Quality Management

We work on the basis of a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

Planung der Instandhaltung von Betonbauwerken e.V.

The RAL system for quality assurance guarantees that RAL quality marks stand for especially high-quality products and services.

The quality and test regulations cover the attributes that are essential for the use of a recognized product or service. RAL stipulates these in collaboration with institutional stakeholders such as business and consumer groups, public authorities and testing institutes. Manufacturers and service providers as well as neutral auditors regularly oversee compliance with the regulations. Violations are punishable, which can lead to revocation of the quality mark.

Further Information

EMAS Environmental Management, BCE Koblenz

Since day one, environmental protection has always played an important role in our company. With introduction of the environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), we have committed ourselves for our branches Koblenz, Köln, Leonberg und Speyer to continuously improving environmental performance, avoiding environmental pollution, and using our services to contribute to further raising awareness of the environment and sustainability issues among our clients and the general public.

Environmental Statement, Koblenz (German)

EMAS Environmental Management, BCE Erfurt

In 2014 Björnsen Consulting Engineers Erfurt became the first engineering firm in the former East Germany to adopt the environmental management system in accordance with the eco-audit regulation (EMAS III).

With its adoption of EMAS III, BCE Erfurt participates in the Thuringia Sustainability Agreement (NAT), which links together sustainable businesses in Thuringia.

Environmental Statement for BCE Erfurt (German)

Quality Assurance for Sewer Construction

Since 2014 we comply with RAL-GZ 961, the quality assurance standard for sewer construction, fulfilling the so-called "required proof of bidder suitability per RAL-GZ 961" (DWA bulletin M 805, 8/2011). It applies to planning services pertaining to the construction and maintenance of public and private sewage pipes and tunnels and associated built structures, and comprises the following assessment groups:

  • Tendering and construction supervision of drains and sewers in open construction (ABAK)
  • Tendering and construction supervision of trenchless laying of drains and sewers (ABV)