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Field and Laboratory Services

Prompt, Rapid, Reliable, Economical

Subsurface exploration is an essential part of our geotechnical consulting and expertise. This is underpinned by in-situ exploratory procedures, such as boreholes, soundings, and excavations, which are further refined by field trials and soil mechanics laboratory tests.

Determinant factors of quality for such work are a high degree of flexibility in the field and continuous communication with the geotechnical assessor. Consequently, for over 30 years we have continued to rely on an in-house, experienced drilling crew and a company-owned soil testing laboratory. Our experienced field and laboratory team carries out all tests promptly, rapidly, reliably, and economically. In preparation for and accompanying the project, we not only conduct on-site core sampling as well as cohesive strength and vane shear testing, but we also carry out plate load testing and permeability tests and determine soil density with the balloon method.

In our laboratory, we assess soil properties and parameters both qualitatively and quantitatively. We analyze grain size distributions and physical and chemical soil properties such as grain shape, lime content, water content, water binding capacity, and soil consistency, determine soil density, and carry out compression, shear, and pressure tests.

We use the latest equipment and provide expert and practical advice on all issues pertaining to soil mechanics and foundation engineering.

Our Services

Soil and Rock Mechanics Laboratory Tests

Designation of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples Determination of water content (DIN 18121) Determination of density (DIN 18125) Determination of grain distribution using sieve and sedimentation analyses (DIN 18123) Atterberg limit testing…

Supervision of Road Construction, Landfill, and Earthworks

Dynamic plate load bearing tests (TP-BF StB, part B), Static plate load bearing tests (DIN 19134), Density determination using densitometer test with the balloon method (DIN 18125), Density determination using cylinder extraction (DIN 18125), …

Laboratory and Field Equipment, Exploration

Water sampling, Core drilling, Investigation with miniature piston core sampler, Dynamic probing and core sampling, Compaction control.

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