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Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure GmbH

Your Project Is in the Hands of Leading Experts

As one of Germany’s leading engineering companies, we are experts for water, the environment, civil engineering, informatics, energy, and architecture. Our interdisciplinary teams develop pioneering solutions for demanding clients. We maintain offices at 13 locations in Germany and one in Oman.

For over 50 years, civil and structural engineers, architects, hydrologists, geologists, geographers, process engineers, biologists, ecologists, physicists, mathematicians, and economists have been working hand in hand to meet the demands of an environmentally conscious and enlightened society.


Matthias Bjørnsen

Patrick Blase

Patrick Friedrich

Dr. Kaj Lippert

Dr. Michael Probst

Reiner Segschneider

Company History

Company Founding

Dr.-Ing. Kalweit and Dr.-Ing. Björnsen Consulting Engineers for Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering

GmbH spin-off


Founding of Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure Erfurt GmbH

Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure Erfurt GmbH (BCE Erfurt) was founded in 1990 and is based in Erfurt, the capital of the German state of Thuringia. It is a 100% subsidiary of Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure GmbH.


Opening of the Darmstadt Branch

With the opening of the Darmstadt branch office, we opt for an attractive and central location in Hessen.


Relocation of the Company Headquarters

Relocation of the company headquarters to the Maria Trost business park in Koblenz


Opening of the Trier Branch

Larger projects for waste management and waste-disposal technology in the Trier area and the planning of complex flood protection facilities on the Moselle necessitate a branch office in Trier.


Opening of the Cologne Branch

Our office in Cologne was established in early 1998 and at first existed for several years as a subsidiary GmbH. The Cologne office has been part of Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure GmbH since 2012.


Opening of the Augsburg Branch

Major projects such as “Wertach Vital” and the water management improvement and ecological development of the Iller (a tributary of the Danube) require good and intensive local support. We choose to open an office in Augsburg.


Opening of the Speyer Branch

In 2007, we consolidate and bolster our activities in the Palatinate and toward Baden-Württemberg by opening a branch office in Speyer.


Opening of the Dortmund Branch

As construction begins on our showcase project, Lake PHOENIX in the Dortmund borough of Hörde, we opened another location in Dortmund.


Opening of the Leonberg Branch

Since 2015, Björnsen Consulting Engineers has also been represented in Baden-Württemberg by the Leonberg branch office.


Opening of the Leipzig Branch

Our office in Leipzig, which opened in 2016, is a branch of Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure Erfurt GmbH.


Opening of the Munich Branch

Opening of the branch office in Munich to enable us to intensify and expand our activities in Bavaria.


Opening of the Bonn Branch

Our branch office opens in Bonn in 2019. In the former federal capital, we are close to ministries, public authorities, universities, and much more.


Opening of the Münster Branch

With Münster we open our youngest and northern branch.


Exchange, promote, help shape. We and our employees are networked throughout Germany via numerous memberships of leading associations and organizations, allowing us to continuously participate in findings and trends from research and development. We work on technical regulations and guidelines in various specialist groups and committees. The promotion and further training of young talent in engineering and natural sciences is particularly important to us.