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Civil Engineering

Investigate, Construct, Rehabilitate

The Civil Engineering division unites our services in the fields of geotechnics, structural engineering, and concrete refurbishment and repair. In addition to the new construction of buildings and civil and hydraulic engineering projects, the rehabilitation and modernization of existing buildings has developed into a focal point of our work, thus enabling us to demonstrate the commensurate qualifications and experience. Specialists in geology and hydrogeology are integrated into the planning process. This involves, among other things, groundwater modeling to determine water pressure loads on hydraulic and civil engineering structures such as locks, canal bridges and weirs. Other important interfaces exist with environmental planning and architecture. Matters pertaining to species protection, landscape features, and the design of built structures and of the natural environment surrounding them are worked on jointly.

We place importance on providing comprehensive and independent advice to our clients. We provide guidance on drafting engineering contracts, formulating planning objectives and constraints, and defining the required specialist services. Conceptual thoughts and sketches as well as rough technical calculations verify the technical feasibility and demonstrate potential solutions. In the following steps of design and approval planning, these are elaborated with the aim of reaching maturity for approval and then, with partial use of 3D and BIM processes, the detailed set of planning documents are prepared for execution. During execution of the construction work, we assume responsibility for supervision in accordance with recognized codes of practice and for economic monitoring of the projects.

Our Current Areas of Focus

Project Planning and Structural Engineering

We plan engineering structures for you and provide the corresponding proofs of structural stability. Our key activities revolve around hydraulic engineering facilities, engineering structures for the water and wastewater industry, and bridge…

Structural Engineering for Buildings

For building construction, we provide the requi-site proofs of structural stability for concrete, masonry, and steel construction in collaboration with the architecture division or with external building designers and specialist engineers. We furnish…

Rehabilitation and Modernization

In these times of dwindling resources, the preservation and upgrading of existing structures is becoming increasingly important. We examine existing structures with regard to their fitness for use and their structural stability. Against this backdrop…

Demolition Planning

Even the removal of buildings requires detailed planning. The existing structure must be examined in advance to ascertain if any harmful substances exist and, if so, a safe process of dismantling needs to be carried out in coordination with the…


How can a structure, in correlation with the local subsoil condition, be built in a safe, serviceable, and cost-effective manner? Are dewatering measures necessary? Are there any special requirements with regard to the construction process or the…

Geotechnical Reports

As the basis for structural design in particular, knowledge is required of the subsurface conditions – the soil and the groundwater. We compile expert reports according to the rules established by Eurocode 7 and DIN 4020. These consist of a site…

Concrete Technology Expertise

We assess the existing structures on the basis of field and laboratory tests, determine the relevant parameters, and provide guidance on the measures required for building preservation.

Refurbishment of Built Structures

We investigate the potential for refurbishment of existing built structures, if desired in comparison to new construction. We conduct economic feasibility studies and implement the measures up to and including execution of the construction work.

Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Reingen
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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Axel Mehren
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Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Krath
Phone +49 261 8851-190