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Heavy Rain Risk Management for Heidenheim an der Brenz

To assess the heavy rain risk for the city of Heidenheim and determine suitable preventative measures, Björnsen Consulting Engineers is drawing up a concept for municipal heavy rain management. The work is based on the guideline “Municipal Heavy Rain Risk Management in Baden-Württemberg,” which provides for a three-stage sequence of work, with a hazard analysis, a risk analysis, and an action plan.

For the hazard analysis, heavy rain hazard maps are generated by means of hydrodynamic calculations with a 2D flash flood model.

Key Data

  • Total area of study: approx. 100 km²
  • Digital terrain model: 1 x 1 m grid, 100 million grid cells
  • Rainfall events: three incidents (rare, unusual, and extreme)
  • Documentation: GIS project and report
  • Software used: ESRI ArcGIS, HYDRO_AS-2D

Our Services

  • Preparation of the terrain model
  • Survey of the sewer infrastructure and relevant watercourses, incl. site visit
  • Model creation
  • Flood simulation
  • Creation of heavy rain hazard maps
  • Determination and assessment of critical objects
  • Risk profiles
  • Drawing up a course of action and conceiving specific measures


City of Heidenheim an der Brenz