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Reconfiguration of the Drainage System at Scharnhorst Junction

The Lippeverband water board has set itself the goal of eliminating wastewater from the waterbodies of the so-called Knoten Scharnhorst (Scharnhorst junction) – comprising the Kirchderner Graben drainage ditch and its tributaries, which have functioned up to now as wastewater outlets – and then improving them ecologically through renaturation measures

Björnsen Consulting Engineers is facilitating the sewer construction work from pre-design evaluation to construction management. The bodies of water are being ecologically improved step by step. To this end, the liners at the bottom of the previously linear channels are being removed and the watercourses are being given a curving course with flattened banks transitioning to riparian meadows. The streams are given space to develop as naturally as possible.

An underground sewer system, built using cut-and-cover and trenchless technology, segregates the wastewater from the surface watercourse. This has required construction of wastewater and stream pumping stations, stormwater overflows, and a reservoir sewer.

Key Data

  • 11 km of sewers, with 5 km executed by pipe jacking
  • 7 stormwater overflows
  • 1 reservoir sewer
  • 4 stormwater culverts
  • 3 sewage pumping stations
  • 2 stream pumping stations
  • Ecological improvement on 12 km stretch of river
  • 27 bed slides
  • Removal of 3 weirs
  • Deculverting
  • Connectivity to tributary streams

Our Services

  • Engineering structures, mechanical engineering, process engineering and technology, technical equipment: Pre-design evaluation through construction management
  • Local construction supervision
  • Landscape conservation support plan, environmental impact study, species protection
  • Subsoil investigation program and soil management
  • Structural engineering
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modeling, sewer network modeling
  • Verification of hydraulic load as per BWK-M3


Lippeverband, Essen