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Securing the Water Supply for the Dreieich Municipal Works

Due to the decreasing yield of its drinking water wells, the Dreieich municipal works commissioned their rehabilitation and the construction of replacement wells. Thus far, Björnsen Consulting Engineers was entrusted with the renewal of six wells and the facility design for construction of the new Dreieich-Breitensee waterworks.

At the outset, the waterworks had the task of treating groundwater for use as drinking water – with simultaneous remediation of VOC contamination. The aspects of groundwater quality and yield, use conflicts, and supply reliability are decisive for the concept planning of a water supply system. The consulting services provided by our Groundwater and Soil Conservation department and our Water Supply department are correspondingly diverse and varied.

After a total of 15 years, the rehabilitation project managed by Björnsen Consulting Engineers was successfully completed. The new wells and waterworks will ensure a drinking water supply of the highest quality for decades to come.