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Planning and Expert Monitoring of Remediation Measures

For the implementation of remediation measures in the soil and/or groundwater, our experienced team of interdisciplinary technical experts is at your disposal. Our range of services encompasses the technical planning and tendering of engineering structures, such as groundwater measuring points, remediation wells, or vertical barriers as well as, for instance, the complete planning, dimensioning and tendering of soil, soil gas, or groundwater remediation measures, including the electrical and instrumentation and control engineering necessary for operation of the remediation systems. The compilation of custom-tailored safety and health protection plans and work and safety measures plans in accordance with DGUV 101-004 is an integral part of our range of services, as is qualified site supervision, soil management, waste disposal classification, and expert supervision of ongoing remediation measures. This includes innovative approaches such as enhanced natural attenuation (ENA) and monitored natural attenuation (MNA) concepts, taking into account the constraints of each individual case.

Our Core Areas of Expertise

Climate protection, Landscape planning and ecology, Groundwater and soil protection, Material flow management, Waste management, Site and location development