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Risk Assessment and Remediation Plans

Building on the results of the contaminated site investigation, the risk assessment forms the basis for deciding whether further action is required. Taking into account ascertained pollutants and concentrations, our experts and publicly appointed appraisers draw up risk assessments for the relevant exposure pathways and targets in each individual case. To this end we make use of, for example, geostatistical methods to estimate pollutant masses, GIS tools to spatially represent pollutant distributions in the soil and groundwater, or immission pumping tests to determine the load in the groundwater. Seepage water prognoses according to BBodSchG, hydrochemical modeling, and the consideration of existing pollutant reduction processes are also part of our services. In the event of the need for remediation, we develop a remediation plan in accordance with §13 of the Federal Soil Protection Act (BBodSchG), taking into account all relevant constraints in each individual case. We have many years of experience in presenting necessary remediation measures to municipal or supra-regional committees and authorities as well as in managing and supporting procedures that involve public participation.

Our Core Areas of Expertise

Climate protection, Landscape planning and ecology, Groundwater and soil protection, Material flow management, Waste management, Site and location development