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Water Rights and Protection Area Applications

Whether for the purposes of the public drinking water supply or for commercial and industrial use, the extraction of groundwater requires the regulatory granting of water rights. For the preservation and safeguarding of natural groundwater resources for the public drinking water supply, it is also necessary to establish water protection areas. On the basis of the Federal Water Act (WHG) and state-specific regulations, we prepare the application documents required by water law. We establish the demarcation of water protection areas on the basis of the DVGW regulations or in accordance with the state’ s own requirements by creating hydrogeological models, calculating the groundwater balance, employing numerical groundwater models, and/or using geographic information systems. We are pleased to share our expertise and experience when providing technical support in submitting applications for water rights and water protection areas, in scoping, and in meeting demarcation deadlines as well as all in managing all events with public participation.

Our Core Areas of Expertise

Water and wastewater management, Stormwater management, Hydraulic engineering, Water supply, Water network management