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Groundwater Development

The development of natural groundwater resources requires knowledge of the geological and hydrogeological conditions as well as the technical possibilities for safe groundwater capture. Our experienced team assists you by planning the construction of wells of different dimensions and depths, from shallow loose-rock aquifers to complex well structures with depths of several hundred meters as well as for wells in solid rock.

Our services encompass everything from the planning and dimensioning of well structures and well performance tests as per DVGW regulations, preparing approval and contract documents, and planning geophysical well investigations to providing on-site construction supervision and engineering site management, evaluating well performance tests for determining geohydraulic subsurface parameters, and the dimensioning of pipelines and pumps. Concepts for optimized well operation and for the condition analysis of wells are as much a part of our services as are the planning, tendering, supervision, and evaluation of well rehabilitation projects.

Our Core Areas of Expertise

Water and wastewater management, Stormwater management, Hydraulic engineering, Water supply, Water network management